Users are organized into groups. Reports are then sent to these groups. Examples of a groups are Facility Management and Security, but a client that should be informed can be managed into a group as well.
Admins manage the Appcident web-dashboard. They configure the tags to match the company, invite users to work with Appcident, and organize users into groups.
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Appcident makes reporting of unsafe conditions, failures and incidents as easy as six simple steps.
Only by registering and acting upon the seemingly unimportant day to day incidents can companies prevent situations that result in large incidents
- Harry de Jong, Founder AVAQ Group

Making the workplace safer,
one stapp at a time

Appcident makes reporting of unsafe conditions, failures, incidents or anything else as easy as six simple steps. Choose the type of incident, add a description, confirm your location, add a picture, and send your report - it’s as easy as that.

With the web-based dashboard for incident management it is possible to define your own incidents and manage who has access to your company reports.

The smartphone app from Appcident is available for iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch).
  • Rapid reporting from any location
  • Uniform reporting for the entire company
  • Immediately get information to the right person
  • A complete report in just 6 steps

A complete web-dashboard for administration

Using the Appcident web-dashboard all tags, categories, users, and groups can be managed. It also gives an overview of all reported incidents.
All users have access to their own personalized web-dashboard customized for their role and rights.

Report overview

The web-dashboard gives a detailed overview of all sent reports. Each user will only see the reports they have created, or which have been sent to a group of which the user is a member.

Pro account

A complete incident reporting system for the entire business, easily set up in less than half an hour. The pro account lets companies, organizations, and divisions manage their own tags, users, and groups from a centralized system.

Tags, users & groups

Using the web-dashboard administrators can create custom tags specifically for the incidents you want users to report. All users can report incidents to the relevant user group using these preset tags.

Pro network

A clear overview of the users in each group, and which groups exist in your organization. Examples of groups are: Facility Management, Technical Services, and Security. Groups are managed by the administrator.

From sole proprietor to multinational.
Keep it safe using Appcident Pro.

  • Custom tags specifically for your business
  • Unlimited reporting for all users
  • Real-time notifications of reported incidents
  • Full control over who can access your incident reports
  • A fully SaaS incident reporting system
Per month
10 predefined tags
No other users
Unlimited reports
Forever free

Reporting only with iOS
PRO - Small
Per month (excl. VAT)
Unlimited custom tags
Unlimited users
Unlimited reports
First month free
Monthly terminable
Reporting only with iOS
Per month (excl. VAT)
Unlimited custom tags
Unlimited users
Unlimited reports
First month free
Monthly terminable
Reporting only with iOS
Per month (excl. VAT)
Unlimited custom tags
Unlimited users
Unlimited reports
First month free
Monthly terminable
Reporting only with iOS

Meet Henk

Hi, I’m Henk! A security manager at a dutch hospital and responsible for eight security officers who report all kinds of events through Appcident with iPad mini’s. I can easily manage these events in my own web-dashboard and simply decide which events need to be reported.

The security team can create and send reports directly from their location in our hospital. Thanks to Appcident administrative tasks take less time, allowing us to create a safer hospital in a more efficient way. That’s our job!

Security and safeguarding are key

All data in the Appcident platform is transmitted over an 2048-bit SSL encrypted connection (like the HTTPS connection of the dashboard, for instance). Appcident protects your account and account data by never saving private information in logs and by encrypting all passwords using bcrypt.

Data storage
Your data is stored on our private servers in the Netherlands, of which we make a daily digital and a physical backup. Our servers are exclusively administrated by a select group of screened employvees.

Appcident is based in the Netherlands. This means that all personal information is collected and stored in accordance with Dutch law. You can read all about this in our privacy statement.

We’re here to help!

Appcident has a support site with explanations and videos about the entire platform. We also have an online live-chat in the app and on the dashboard with which you can get in touch with our employees. Don't have an account yet? You can always email us at or contact us with the form below.

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